When we sleep, we just do not sleep straight.  We sleep in various body postures; some sleep straight, some sleep sideways, and some on their stomach. Brands that do make mattresses, they make it considering every kind of sleeper, but there are some companies which specifically create mattress for side sleepers to bring them comfort too. Mostly, people like to sleep sideways, so we should be aware of some basic knowledge about the best mattress for side sleepers available in the market and their features and identification.

The most prevalent sleeping position is known to be sleeping on your side. Side sleeping advantages include decreased back pressure, smoother ventilation, and better digestion. This serves as an advantage for your long term health with well-being to sleep on your side. The kind of mattress you sleep on specifically impacts how support and assistance you get every night. For people sleeping on an older mattress, tests have found that a new mattress can enhance sleep consistency and reduce overall discomfort and stiffness. Side sleepers also feel shoulder pain and lower back pain, whether their mattress is unbearable or inconvenient. A mattress that contours the body’s form and relieves the pressure point is incredibly helpful for side sleepers. Here you can find the best mattress for side sleepers https://savvysleeper.org/best-mattress-for-side-sleepers/

Mattress Material

Side sleepers require mattresses that are comfortable and helps body posture to be aligned. The position of shoulder and hips should be in a proper way that it does not bend the spinal cord because if your spinal cord is not in position correctly, then this will lead to some severe issues like back pain, stress, and discomfort in sleep. So, the material should be that one which should adjust according to the user’s weight so that it applies required pressure on these particular points to avoid any consequences.

Tips for Side Sleepers

Following are some tips for side sleepers:

  • Neck Support

A decent side sleeper pillow should be firm enough to give the head a good boost and not let it fall too far. A thick and sturdy pillow is best, although it also needs to be thick enough to hold the head level with the spine. A latex pillow is the best choice to meet that criterion. You will just enjoy the extra warmth you get from a silicone pillow. It is not the most popular form of pillow that individuals get, but it does provide the best for relaxing.

  • Body Pillow

It is a smart idea to reduce the amount of turning the hips are doing. Cuddling a body pillow or cushion helps protect the body and ensure a proper spinal cord balance. If you are not using a cushion, positioning a cushion between your knees will also allow your upper leg to relax on your lower leg. This will prevent, or at least significantly lessen, the amount of hip turning going on, encouraging you to sleep in a more relaxed position.